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Jonathan Curry
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My name is Jonathan, a Prague-based language coach and photographer from the UK. Find me here:

Our English classes will help you grow and have great experiences as you move through the world. Let's help you to understand better, speak more fluently and have fun in the process.

Key interests - Photography, Culture, Arts, History, Language, Ethics, Psychology, Sport, Travel, Cooking, Finance, Coffee.

- Co-founder of the Creative Coffee Chat project - (Prague-based)

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Fully certified and with years of experience helping students but ultimately it's my humanistic and empathetic view which will help you most in 1-1 or small group classes.

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- English coach - We have classes together on an equal footing. Teacher guided but with your goals and personality at the front. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We will work with music, film, photography, paintings... real material to expand your comfort zone in English and talk effortlessly about the things which are important to you. , Conversation *skills* (not "just" conversations), grammar correction, building fluency, presentation skills. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired by my truly life-changing experience last year when I lived in 6 different countries, moving to a new place every month. The kindness and people I met along the way really helped me to see how important communication, openness and sharing our knowledge with people is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price is for *Online* classes. Offline by agreement only

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Pracovní Zkušnosti
2015 - 2016

A teacher of traditional chinese culture course in NSLI-Y Summer Program Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai

2014 - Present

Online/Offline Mandarin and Chinese Culture Teacher Private Online/Offline Teaching

2014 - Present

English Teacher for primary and middle school students Private

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's - English

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's - Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


Certificate of Completion Beijing Normal University 5th International Youth Leadership Program


Teacher qualification certificate Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


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