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Hi there! I am an American native speaker who is able to provide conversational English tutoring for students and/or individuals looking to improve their confidence and general speaking skills. I focus on building my students' vocabulary, working with them towards their goals. I also teach English to children, business English, and grammar based lessons. I have experience teaching in language schools, both for adults and children. I am also fluent in Russian as I have relatives who are from Belarus. Thus, I grew up speaking two languages fluently. I attended the International School of Prague since the first grade and then attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I am more than happy to help you either with your English or Russian!

Učitelovi Zkušenosti

I have been providing private lessons for the past 4 years now in Prague, as well as teaching in private language schools (evening courses, summer courses, etc.). Additionally, I have experience with teaching English to children, as I have a Bachelor in Psychology, and know how to work well with children. I have prepared students for the IELTS and TOEFL exams, and worked with students on their Business English vocabulary and speaking skills.

Styl Lekcí

Conversational, can be the occasional grammar lesson, up to the student’s needs. For example, more or less structured. We will discuss your needs during the first lesson so that I can build our lessons according to that.

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Pracovní Zkušnosti
2015 - 2016

A teacher of traditional chinese culture course in NSLI-Y Summer Program Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai

2014 - Present

Online/Offline Mandarin and Chinese Culture Teacher Private Online/Offline Teaching

2014 - Present

English Teacher for primary and middle school students Private

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's - English

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's - Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


Certificate of Completion Beijing Normal University 5th International Youth Leadership Program


Teacher qualification certificate Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


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Podporující Dlouhodobý Učitel Všechny Úrovně Efektivní Učení Nadšený Long-term Teacher All levels Supportive


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