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About Me

Are you interested in English Literature? Poetry and Novels? Essays? I work with Advanced speakers and writers of English. I am a former university instructor in Literature and Academic Writing and Business English. I currently work with some exciting new start-up companies as an English Communications Consultant. I am trained and experienced in Advanced English Speaking, Writing, and Grammar. But my great passion will always be English Literature. Would you like to 1) have a deeper understanding of Poetry in English language? 2) Read and discuss works of Literature, a favorite novel or a poet that you admire? I will tailor-make lessons for you so that you can explore your interests. I also conduct reading and discussion groups. If you have been wanting to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of English Literature, I would love to work with you! About me: I love to read, of course. But I am also an active writer. I play guitars every day, and I do my yoga (almost) every day. I have a wonderful dog companion, and we go out to play twice a day! and we live at a villa with a sheep farm, and so if you like sheep (and dogs) we can do lessons at my home. But I come in to the centrum regularly, and so I can meet you just about anywhere in Prague. I can also meet over Skype, if it is more convenient for you. I currently have business clients I meet over Skype, so I have a lot of experience in this format.

Teacher Experience

I am a semi-retired University instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching in colleges and universities and private companies. I have taught Literature and Writing at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis/St. Paul), and many other private and public colleges in the U.S., in Portland (Oregon) and Washington State. I have four years of experience designing and teaching online courses in Academic Writing. In the U.S., I also worked as an English Language Consultant and private tutor for corporate clients, including top executives at Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon (USA). I have also taught in the faculty of Law and Business at a private university in Istanbul, Turkey. I have lived in Prague since 2013, and in this time I have worked for a number of business and tech colleges as a classroom instructor. I have also worked with several business clients, small and large, as both an English Language instructor, and as a Communications Consultant for marketing, promotions, and public presentations, and as web-page consultant for English language promotions. Beyond my graduate degree in English Literature, I hold a master's degree-level TEFL certification from Hamline University, where my concentrations were in Advanced Speaking and Writing and Workplace and Business English.

Lesson Style

My number 1 rule for lessons: to understand what YOU want to accomplish in lessons, and then design the lesson content and details to fit YOUR tastes and interests. YOU determine the mix of Reading, Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Listening (including videos and podcasts). I also make lessons just for you, around the topics and interests that you most like. First of all, my fees are negotiable (Let's TALK about it) because I want to make the lessons feel worthwhile to you. Fee depends upon frequency and type of instruction. I prefer 90-minute lessons (basic rate is 500 CZK for 90 minutes). Your PROGRESS is much faster this way. I want every lesson to be both PRODUCTIVE and ENJOYABLE. First meetings are always free of any charge, and I devote this meeting to getting to know you, and to form a picture of your goals and tastes in English study. As I said above, I will invent each lesson JUST FOR YOU, to fit who you are. You choose your TEACHER carefully, and I must say I choose my STUDENTS carefully, too! Finding the right match is so important. From there, we can do great things! :)

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Work Experience
2015 - 2016

A teacher of traditional chinese culture course in NSLI-Y Summer Program Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai

2014 - Present

Online/Offline Mandarin and Chinese Culture Teacher Private Online/Offline Teaching

2014 - Present

English Teacher for primary and middle school students Private

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's - English

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's - Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


Certificate of Completion Beijing Normal University 5th International Youth Leadership Program


Teacher qualification certificate Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


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