Practice English

With a Native Speaker In Prague

Meet real teachers living in Prague

Practice English

With a Native Speaker In Prague

Meet real teachers living in Prague


Top Three Advantages

A clock icon used to show that because you learn faster with a private teacher you also save time.

Save Time

A private teacher will usually travel to your home or office

A piggy bank icon used to symbolize the money you'll save by hiring a private teacher because when you learn faster you won't have to take lessons for very long.

Save Money

Most private teachers charge less than a language school

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Learn Faster

Talk more, practice more and learn faster

How does it work?

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Search for an English Teacher

Or German, or Spanish, or French, or Russian...
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Email a teacher

Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Arrange a meeting.
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Meet your teacher. Finally get good at talking in English!

Teacher Creature does not charge students a fee and is free to use

Find a Native English Speaker

living in your town

Here you can find Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians etc. who are living in your town and will meet you for conversation or English lessons...for often half the price of what a language school would charge you!


A picture of the founder of Teacher Creature, Mr. Vig

Hello students

Did you know that learning English with a private teacher is faster than group classes? And did you know that language schools sometimes charge 600, 700, 800 kc an hour or more for a private teacher? BUT...did you know that the same teachers teach private students in their free time? Private students who pay much, much less…

But how to find these teachers?

With Teacher Creature, not only can you find professional teachers living in your town, but you can compare them, read reviews, and email them directly. You’ll learn faster with a private teacher. And you’ll save money with a Teacher Creature teacher.

Good luck,
Mr. Vig
Founder, Teacher Creature