I am an English Teacher in Prague. A few years ago I had some students who told me about a frustrating experience they had with the language agency I was working for: They would request a teacher from the agency, have an English lessson, decide he/she wasn't what they were looking for, and request a new teacher. This happened about five times. (Luckily, I was number five.)

This got me thinking. For a lot of industries there's a self-service option. If you want a holiday, you can call the travel agent or book everything yourself online. If you want to buy stocks, you can use a broker or the Internet. The same for real estate, dating, website design, even divorce. Sure it's a little more work to do it yourself, but a lot of people prefer it: you've got more control, and it's usally cheaper.

So why not the same for language teachers?  


-Mr. Vig

Prague, December 2009

Top Three Advantages

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Save Time

A private teacher can meet you in your home or office (in Prague) or online. No travel required!

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Save Money

Most private teachers charge much less than a language school.

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Learn Faster

With a private teacher you’re in control and you don’t share your time with anyone else. You get MAXIMUM attention, MAXIMUM speaking time, and MAXIMUM results.

How does it work?

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Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Arrange a meeting.
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Meet your teacher online or face-to-face in Prague. Finally master English!

Teacher Creature does not charge students a fee and is free to use.

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