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About Me


My name is Matthew and I've been teaching English in Prague for over 5 years now.

I'm a native (British) English speaker with a TEFL qualification from The Language House here in Prague and Physics degrees (MSci + PhD) from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Personally, I'm into movies, travelling, games, food and drink, hiking, and more.

Teacher Experience

I have been teaching in Prague for over 7 years now both privately and for a range of language schools. Currently I teach almost exclusively online using a range of tools and programs.

I have extensive experience teaching a wide range of levels and individuals from executives to students to parents to doctors. I've helped people get jobs, pass Cambridge exams, give presentations. or get into foreign Universities. So whether you want to work on your grammar, prepare for an exam, or simply keep your level steady with some regular conversation, then I'll be happy to help.

Lesson Style

For me, it's most important that lessons meet the needs of individual students and for teachers to be adaptable, so in some cases that might be intensive exam preparation. For others it could be detailed grammar studies with diagrams, exercises and explanations. If you're looking for conversation, I often use TED talks as a basis for discussion of a wide range of topics and vocabulary, or if you're more nervous about speaking, I have a selection of worksheets as well for more guided lessons to build up that confidence. Currently due to scheduling, I'm only offering lessons online, though this could change in the future.

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Work Experience
2015 - 2016

A teacher of traditional chinese culture course in NSLI-Y Summer Program Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai

2014 - Present

Online/Offline Mandarin and Chinese Culture Teacher Private Online/Offline Teaching

2014 - Present

English Teacher for primary and middle school students Private

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's - English

2014 - 2018

Bachelor's - Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


Certificate of Completion Beijing Normal University 5th International Youth Leadership Program


Teacher qualification certificate Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


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